Wide open roads / Fujifilm

Alaska – the beginning

We have been on the road for four days now. What is Alaska like? Its all contrasts. Imagine you are

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The bike, unpacked / Fujifilm

Why such small wheels and why a tandem?

Isn’t 5500 miles hard enough on normal bicycles? Asking why we chose tiny wheels and why two of us are

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Getting organised in the Big Apple

Our last night in New York. The room is piled high with bags and boxes. The floor is a maze

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Kanak playing an Australian didgeridoo

Introducing Deshal, and our last weekend in Bangladesh

Woken by the haunting echoes of the Australian didgeridoo, vibrating through the village just as the sun was stretching its

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Our new camera :)

Welcome Fujifilm!

Everyone has a camera now. Photos and film have taken over the need for writing in many cases, for many

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