Adventurers from around the world cycling to raise awareness about trash.

Trashmaniac is an ongoing advocacy bike ride crossing countries that contribute the most carbon emissions and consume the most plastic-based products. We started along the long highways and small towns of the United States and this year we are continuing in the mountains of Alaska and hills of Canada – talking, tracking and recording trash along the way.

Trash is one of those things we would prefer not to think about – we all produce it but because it is hidden in recycling and landfill systems, it is easy to forget.

Our message is simple: Let’s be more efficient and not waste what we produce. By reusing materials and consuming more thoughtfully, we can reduce the energy and environmental costs associated with overproducing products that are too quickly discarded as waste.

When : June-July-August 2014
How long: 90 days
Where: From Anchorage, Alaska, USA to Toronto, Canada

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